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'Woody ~ Back from the brink ~ Again

Woody is back as a resident in the practice; having first come to us as a five week old stray kitten ravaged by cat flu. As a result of the infection one of his eyes had to be removed but once his other eye had recovered he was adopted by David and Liz Gabriel, with whom he has developed a bold and delightful character. However on the 7th of November disaster struck when he was run over outside the house and severely injured.

Fortunately I was on holiday so was able to rush him straight away to the clinic. Sadly the injuries to his left hind leg , an open fracture and dislocation of the hock, necessitated immediate amputation. The injuries to his right fore limb involved a fracture of the elbow and severe skin trauma. with these injuries being nearly as severe as the back leg, the fight was on to save the front leg and continues to date. A three-legged cat can cope perfectly well but the loss of two limbs would be unsustainable. The fractured elbow has been repaired and all of the damaged skin removed. This has led to virtually the whole limb , thankfully with the exception of the foot, being degloved.

The devotion of the nurses to this brave little chap has been outstanding as has the skilled surgery involved. Important too is the courage of woody himself, who has been resilient and cheerful throughout. At present he spends his time in David's office in the equine block with trips across to the main clinic for treatment. Whilst he still has a long road to recovery we hope to be able to give you a "Woody update" when he is back up on his "Tripod".

Woody Update July 2008

Woody's leg continues to progress albeit very slowly, he has had one successful skin graft and one that failed, so with the prospect of further grafts in the future it is still going to be a long process. Meanwhile the quality of his life is excellent. He no longer goes outside but flies around the house with his injured leg in a bandage (changed weekly): eats massively and is generally very contented. His main hobby is ragging Archie, our elderly Persian, who tolerates this with gentle good humour.

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