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Autumn Advice

Tapeworm Control:

Autumn and Spring are generally the times when we dose for tapeworm control in horses. We recommend the use of products containing the drug Praziquantel (*Equitape, Equimax).

Tapeworm infestation can be significant factors in some cases of colic and has assumed a greater significance as the number of colics due to redworm reduces.

Many of you will be aware that we now recommend dosing for redworm control on the basis of worm egg counts from dung samples rather than "blind" routine worming. In this way worming regimes can be tailored more accurately to the individual horses or yards. Unfortunately dung samples do not give an accurate picture of Tapeworm infestation, however the level of burden can be measured as a result of a blood test which measures the body's proportionate response to the challenge of infestation.

Again we recommend this approach as it can avoid unnecessary treatment; contamination of the pasture with pharmaceuticals and expense.

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