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Charlotte Newnham-Dibley

Charlotte and a friend


My name is Charlotte Newnham – Dibley ( in the Vicar of.....heard that one before!) I joined the practice at the beginning of January this year for my second veterinary nursing training placement. I have already done a 6 month placement in a practice in Guildford, Surrey, but moved back to Devon for my latest one so I could live at home and not have to pay rent! I have lots of experience with many different rare breed species including poultry, game, sheep, goats, hedgehogs, red squirrels and many breeds of owls. I also have experience with cows and horses and often draw the short straw to go TB testing in the rain and fill in the paperwork.
I am currently a level 3 second year student veterinary nurse and am studying a Foundation Degree in Veterinary Nursing Science at Hartpury College in Gloucester, where I have gained valuable experience in handling more exotic species from skinks and tarantulas through to meerkats and prairie dogs, and it is where in march 2012 I will take my final practical exams and become a qualified veterinary nurse. Before I went to Hartpury in 2009 I studied a National Certificate in animal management at South Devon College.
When I am at home I like to spend a lot of time with my family and friends having a good time, but I can quite happily go and sit in a field at the top of the hill and watch the world go by. I love to take my dogs for nice long walks through the fields near my home in Totnes, where they can stretch their legs and I can chill out. I also have 5 pedigree chickens at home which I love taking care of and their my little project and lay brilliant eggs with sunshine yolks. I can also play the flute to a high grade and my little brother is currently trying to teach me guitar...but fingers are too short to make the right movements for chords!
Since working at Filham Park I've have made fantastic friends and colleagues with all the members of staff, which have all given me nicknames like "The Vicar", "Shallot" and "Bo Dibley"


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