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Clare certificate

After many years of study Clare passed her certificate in small animal surgery at the first attempt, this involved submitting a casebook detailing cases that Clare had operated on and involved providing detailed discussions on why certain procedures were performed and what options could have been carried out instead. Photographs detailing the surgical technique were also included, I guess in a few years time she would have had to include video clips and the whole thing would have been submitted on a memory card, much better for the trees. In addition were numerous written and practical exams, the practical exams these being spread over 3 days.

Clare has had an interest in soft tissue surgery for many years particularly in airway surgery and reconstructive surgery following after removal of tumours and large masses. However her supervisor, Martin Owen, is far better known for his orthopaedic skills and gradually he has turned Clare’s interest into bony matters. And now Clare is more likely to be found doing orthopaedic work than soft tissue surgery, her main areas of interest at present are the investigation and treatment of difficult lameness cases. Management of complex fractures, this does still use her soft tissue skills as often skin grafts are required as part of these reconstructions.
For some reason stifle(knee) surgery is a large part of her current workload and these are primarily either luxating patellas, this is usually a congenital problem where a dog has too shallow a groove for the patella to sit in and consequently the patella can keep slipping out of position causing the dog discomfort and lameness. The other frequent problem is damage to the anterior cruciate ligament, a common injury in human athletes especially rugby players and footballers, in dogs it can be either injury induced or again a congenital problem and there are many different ways to fix the problem. These are dependant on factors such as the animals age breed and weight and on the type of activity that the dogs partake in, and Clare is very happy to discuss the most appropriate method of repair for any individual dog.

The story of Hayley

'Hayley is a young collie dog that was presented to us by Gables Farm Cats and Dogs home, as you can see from the first photo she has a very bent lower leg. This deformity was causing her to walk in a very strange way with very little weight being taken on the affected leg, without surgery this would have led to serious long term problems for her. Hayley's problem was that all four metacarpals were bent necessitating them being cut and then fixed into normal position with plates and pins. As Hayley was a difficult patient to keep calm at the Gables she stayed with us here at the practice for a few weeks, the final picture shows the significant improvement the surgery produced, Hayley has now been successfully rehomed although she now has a different name.


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