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Lucky the ferret

'Lucky is a three month old ferret who was brought into the surgery with a lameness of her right hind leg, following a presumed fall in his cage at home. She was anesthetized at the surgery and then X-rayed and found to have a fracture midway down her femur.
  This was the pre shot that nicely shows the femoral fracture  
The owner of Lucky didn't want him to have her leg amputated so a novel approach to repair had to be thought up as her bones were too soft and weak for a conventional plate to be applied. A modification of an external fixation device was used, a pin was placed in the femur to provide internal support, the pin was then bent down to have the external part of the pin lying parallel to the internal part. Two pins were then placed into the bone at right angles to the original pin, these were then used to position the two bone fragments in the right place. A rapid drying lightweight cement was then applied to fix these two pins to the external part of the first pin, giving very good support to the leg with minimal weight for the ferret to have to carry.
  The image post op shows pictorially the placement of pins, the pin higher up the leg was withdrawn slightly after taking this radiograph to prevent it causing damage to soft tissues  
10 days after surgery we re-examined Lucky and had to start antibiotic treatment as she had an infection around the pins, this responded extremely well to treatment, and 4 weeks after treatment all of the pins were removed and Lucky using her leg very well and now shows no signs of the problems that she had encountered in her youth.'
  The post op film is taken 4 weeks later and shows a large callous present, which has stabilized the bones.  
The following is a quote from the owner sent to me recently with the pictures "
She was named lucky as she was about to have the op, and were all hoping she would pull through hence the name. She now weighs a massive 1.100kg!!! Very large for a female. Just want to say again thank you so much for your fantastic care and surgery to pin her leg. You would never know she ever broke it now and she is one of the most active manic ferrets out of my 12!!!"
Lucky after her pin was taken out Lucky now



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