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Ralphy the Shar Pei


Ralphy was handed into Gables Farm Cats and Dogs a few months ago, he was a very nervous dog with chronic eye and ear problems. He was barely able to see at all due to the great rolling skin folds hanging down over both eyes, unfortunately he had no vision in the left eye due to chronic changes induced from this irritation, and sight in his right eye was reduced due to him squinting through the skin folds. He went to Westmoor Veterinary Practice in Tavistock to see veterinary ophthalmologist Chris Warren who performed surgery on both eyes to relieve problems associated with having heavy skin folds all over his head. When Ralphy was having this surgery performed his ears were cleaned out and it was noticed that he had very narrow ear canals and these were blocking up with wax and causing him discomfort.

Once Ralphy had recovered from his eye surgery, he came into Filham Park for skull radiographs and further assessment of his ears, our new vet Clare Bosselmann felt that his long term interests were best served by having surgery on both ears to remove the vertical and horizontal canals of both ears, as these were very narrowed and would cause continuous problems with becoming blocked up with wax and then becoming infected. Ralphy’s final surgery will be performed on Monday the 29th September and this will be a minor procedure to increase the size of his nostrils to make breathing easier.

During his time at the Gables farm Ralphy has become much friendlier and even allows the vet to stroke him now, he has good sight in his right eye but none in his left eye. His hearing is not greatly reduced although he does seem to suffer from episodes of collective deafness! He is becoming much more tolerant of new people and is starting to enjoy cuddles and will now make an ideal pet.

We have been very pleased to have been able to help Ralphy and to have seen the great positive changes in his personality as his problems have been reduced, and hope to see him in the future with his new owners

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