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Sam a dog who benefited from the Practice Plan

Happy Sam Happy Sam several weeks after surgery

Sam's Accident

Radiographs of Sam's his right hindleg following a road traffic accident, his tibia and fibula were both fractured in the accident.

Sam's History

Sam is now a 17-month-old Retriever, Collie Terrier cross, he has been registered with us at Filham Park since June 2010 when he had his initial vaccines and health check. He was registered onto our practice plan in August 2010 and his owners decided to take out the accidental insurance option. The practice plan allows owners to pay for the year's routine health treatment in monthly instalments, this includes vaccination, 2 annual health checks, flea and worming treatments as well as discounts on other practice services.
On the 30th June this year Sam was rushed into the surgery following a road traffic accident. Initial examination and radiographs confirmed that he had a fracture of his right tibia, fortunately he had suffered no other injuries and a repair of the fracture was planned for the following day.















A plate was attached to Sam's tibia with 7 screws and radiographs taken afterwards showed good alignment and compression of the two ends of the bone. After closing the wound a large Robert Jones bandage was placed on the leg to give support and provide some comfort to Sam. Sam stayed in at the practice the night after surgery so he could be regularly checked by the on duty nurse and given further pain medication as required. The following day he was discharged back to his owner with his pain relief medication and antibiotics and advice on looking after him particularly how to keep his bandage dry and intact. The bandage was removed 3 days later and for the next 6 weeks Sam's movements were confined to try and avoid him being too exuberant and damaging the leg again. Further radiographs were taken on the 8th of August which show good wound healing at the fracture site, Sam was walking well on the leg now and his owner's were advised to gradually increase his exercise to build up the muscles in the lower leg.

The insurance company associated with the practice plan paid for all of Sam's treatment costs, apart from the excess of £75, all for just an additional £1.95 on top of the monthly practice plan fee.

Other cases that owners have been able to claim for on the accidental insurance include a cat that suffered multiple injuries after a dog attack, removal of a foreign body from a dog's small intestine and suturing wounds on a dog following it running into a fence. If you wish to know any more about the benefits of joining our practice plan, then please conact us on 01752892700 or at


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